JUMP stands for Jeunesse Unie pour un Mouvement Positif = Youth United for the Positive Movement. Legally existing in Ouagadougou since 2009, it brings together young professionals from various sectors: artists, men of letters, economists, computer scientists, and others. The main objective is to link artistic creation and awareness raising in several fields, such as popular education, respect to the environment, sustainability of urban life, gender and social equality, democracy, peace and stability. The culture is understood as a vital element of dialogue and mutual understanding.

The artistic mobility represented by JUMP inspires young people in “sensitive” neighbourhoods. Their artistic and cultural practices and activities constitute a powerful factor of social integration and encouragement to the cultural entrepreneurship.

Challenge – the association, its members and partners intervene in various places, upon invitation. The active dance module of JUMP has a modest stage to train where also the executive board has meetings, but the solid office space does not exist. The association and its partners need a meeting place.

Solution – JUMP aims to build a seat, a hub, in the context of networking, on their own site. A place where they can develop ideas, encourage creativity, empower production and diffusion. A showcase of their activities. The design of the JUMP HUB underlines the positive approach to the environment, to the sustainable, innovative and respectful architecture that corresponds to visions of pro-bono department of Jakub Cigler Architekti. The HUB should be constructed with BTC (bricks of compressed soil) to foster the sustainability. The installation of a modest solar system will empower the everyday functionality, independence and resilience of the HUB facing the troubles of national power cut-offs.

Results – at the short term: construction of the meeting space JUMP HUB (50m2) equipped with IT technology (supplied by third partner from Switzerland), toilet and shower of national ONEA standards, a solar system; at the long term: empowering the association activities, energetic independence and capacity building (the construction itself will generate employment opportunities,  the construction process is proposed as a training occasion with various workshops in innovative architecture).

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