The association Bolo´Arts (Association des artistes de Bolomakoté) provides work environment for artists and craftmen. And not only for them. Their vision is to share the know-how and to revaluate and get the Burkinabé culture moving. They feel and live their art.

The association counts about fifty members, in general professional artists from various disciplines: music, dance, drumming, theatre, bronze, painting, sculpture, tailoring. Many of them are involved in diverse projects initiated by Bolo´Arts in Burkina, in Africa or in Europe.

The partnership with the Bolo´Arts is based on their vision of Bolo´Centre – the place where everybody can share his art and develop the community. unlimitedJCA was invited to design the Bolo´Centre and facilitate the procedure of its realisation. Today our key person responsible for the activities in Burkina Faso is fully integrated in the core team of Bolo´Arts and reinforces the association of the artists of Bolomakoté in different aspects regarding the progress of the Bolo´Centre.

The project of Bolo’Centre is designed by unlimitedJCA for, together and with local association Bolo´Arts and it aims to build a multipurpose space serving as a community art center for the district of Bolomakoté. The Bolo’Centre will cover various activities including culture, art, informal education, sport, community and socio-entrepreneurship (production of CementJCA bags included). In detail, the compound will provide so-called “Elastic” hall, rehearsal room, equipment storage, space for the secretariat of the association Bolo’arts, workshops on a terrace, a library, café, sanitary equipment and accommodation for visiting artists and association partners.


2013_08______first contact with Bolo´Arts members
2014_06______initial talks about a centre for association called Bolo´centre
2014_07______start of research and feasibility study
2014_09______completion of Need study for Bolo´centre (in French)
2014_10______first drafts of Bolo´centre design (for curate priest – essential partners)
2014_12______public presentation of the design at the occasion of the Festival Bolo´Arts
2015_01______integration of the unlimitedJCA into the core team of the Bolo´arts
2015_02______completion of bolocentre_design n°1
2015_04______catalogue of cement souvenirs in Czech and in French
2015_05______documentation for the attribution of a new site for future Bolo´Centre and its active facilitation
2015_12______graphic assistance for the Festival Bolo´Arts
2016_04______design of cementJCA pour bolo´centre for crowd-fundraising in French and in Czech and in English
2016_10______documentation for the site attribution
2016_12______graphic assistance for the Festival Bolo´Arts
2017_06______completion of bolocentre design for the site 869

in pictures

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