espace PUBLIC – espace pARTagé

An event, an idea, a reflection, a message? The initiative of a group of professionnels and “city-lovers” from Bobo Dioulasso. Cooperation of unlimitedJCA, bioarchi, the French Institute and the university Nouvelle Aube.

In Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso, issues related to the city, urban planning, the uses of public spaces and the sociology of urban life are very little discussed, almost non-existent, or even almost ignored. The professional spheres acting in this field are limited, but they exist and deserve to be highlighted.

The project “espace PUBLIC – espace pARTagé ” / “PUBLIC space – shAReT space” proposes to offer opportunities for common reflection and moments of exchanges between professionals, researchers, inhabitants and public authorities on the themes of art and public space. It will also be a place to highlight the few existing initiatives and research on these issues that affect society, living, acting and creating together .

1 / Public space = scenic space?

Public spaces are spaces where the population lives, meets, speaks, listens and looks at each other: so many places that reveal scenes of life where many individual and collective issues are played out.

Considering that Art can contribute to the sustainable development of the city; architects, town planners, sociologists and artists should be able to raise questions and bring decision-makers and the public to think about the evolution of public spaces in a sustainable way. The artistic intervention can represent a first “impulse”. Should public spaces or shared spaces not be conceived, from their conception, as potential places of reception and diffusion of works of art, awareness raising, artistic and intellectual interaction?

2 / Public space = shared space?

To what extent does civil society build its own city? “Forgotten”, “neglected”, “unusual”, “un-maintained” areas such as vacant lots, undeveloped areas, industrial wastelands, unfinished developments …

Quite often, with good reason, civil society invests spaces “neglected” by urban planning and appropriates them before the authorities do so; shapes and transforms them informally and according to their own uses. These initiatives are sometimes happy and creative but they can also generate problems of urban development (difficulty to launch new projects, misappropriation of projects …).


Three weeks around “PUBLIC spaces – shared spaces”. Three weeks of reflections, preparations, actions, echoes, reasonings and evaluation …

  • Week 1: preparations, worshop and workshops with targeted audiences.
  • Week 2: animations and various activities for all the public, and exchanges between professional
  • Week 3: Continuation of reflections around the exhibitions

You might find more on the website of the event. The programme consists of several collaborative activities: Public Saloon, Expo-taxis, the Dawn at Black ft.  Katouma, installation Réseautage, exhibitions, cinema and colloquium.

in collaboration with

unlimitedJCA with French Institute in Bobo and in Paris, the studio Bioarchi and the University Aube Nouvelle

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2017_01______first contacts with the French Institute and association of the studio Bioarchi into the procedure
2018_04______event “espace PUBLIC – espace pARTagé” – more on the blog of the event

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