in media

::: 2016_09 interview in radio Český rozhlas about activities of unlimitedJCA in French speaking countries (in French)

::: 2017_04 public presentation of activities at Prague Design Week with the focus on cementJCA (in Czech)

Screen Shot 04-11-17 at 10.18 AM

::: 2017_04 expo Prague Design Week and its echo in the national newspaper Metro

Screen Shot 04-11-17 at 10.04 AM

::: 2016_09 interview in radio Klasik about West African dance and music and activities of unlimitedJCA

::: 2016_02 video of scenic installation of the company Takara broadcasted on , video capture and mixture made by uJCA

::: 2015_12 interview in RTB2 about the activities and installations in public space in Bobo Dioulasso

::: 2015_06 report about the Bolo´Centre project in news of TV Canal3 in Burkina Faso

::: 2014_01 article in Material Times about the sustainability of tradition – Kolik domů, tolik žen (in Czech)



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