PIN – people in need

The People in Need was established in 1992 by a group of war reporters and foreign correspondents who were no longer satisfied with bringing back information to the Czech Republic; instead, they began sending out aid. It gradually became established as a professional humanitarian organisation focused on providing aid to crisis areas and supporting adherence to human rights around the world. Over the past 20 years, it has grown into one of the biggest non-profit organisations in Central Europe and has also become active in the field of education as well as helping those living in social exclusion. Today People in Need focuses on four key areas: humanitarian aid and development cooperation, support for human rights, social integration programmes and education programmes.

The PIN runs the development and humanitarian projects all over the world. The mission in Ethiopia celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2013. The engagement in Ethiopia is said to be their most successful one because dozens of school buildings were managed to be built. Unfortunately there is lack of time and resources for innovations and creative designs… and that´s why we have decided to cooperate, CMU tends to bring knowhow…


2012_10______initial meeting about ways of cooperation
2012_11______task determination: The Innovation of the School Buildings, alt. New Design
2013_05______meeting about “mission details” and research study “PIN_research study
2013_09______arrival to Ethiopia, 3-month long research in situ, strategy specification
2013_10-11______workshop “Think globally, act locally!” in Mekelle University
2013_12______research in situ, booklet “SCHOOLdesignINNOVATIONS” drafting
2014_02______issue of the booklet “SCHOOLdesignINNOVATIONS”
2014_05______arrival to Ethiopia, experimentation with PIN engineer
2014_08______compilation of the school model for rural environment PINnovations_compilation

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