EIT-M – Ethiopian Institute of Technology in Mekelle

The Ethiopian Institute of Technology in Mekelle is part of Mekelle University. The city of Mekelle is situated in northwestern Tigray region, in the region rich in cultural and architectural heritage. The Institute offers various programmes – architecture and urban planning among them.

The The first contact of uJCA with EIT-M intended to diversify inputs for the architectural research led with other partners (innovation cooperation with the PIN). When got known each other, we have decided to cooperate directly on the academic level. Since 2013 unlimitedJCA organises together with the School of Architecture thematic workshops for large number of Ethiopian students.


2013_06______initial contact about research cooperation
2013_09______arrival to Ethiopia, 3-month long research in situ
2013_10-11______workshop “Think globally, act locally!” in Mekelle University
2014_02______booklet “SCHOOLdesignINNOVATIONS” , (in chapter Fresh Ideas)
2014_05______workshop “Find It and Use It” about public space in condominiums
2014_11______product design workshop “Condominium Street Fu(rni)ture” at the occasion of the International Conference “The Affordable and the Profitable” in Mekelle
2015_01-03______candidature for the grant of the Czech embassy in Addis Abeba to organise workshop build the condo fu(rni)ture – refused
2015_10______workshop “Conservation, Creativity and Communication” – postponed
2016_04______workshop “Low Cost Strategies in Design and Communication 2016
2016_07-08_____staff member of EDC Engineering for Developing Communities – in the international summer program initiated by Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
2018_03-04____workshop Hands on Lowcost_Design
2019_03_____workshop Hands_on_bambootecture
2020_04_____workshop Hands on Pocket Park

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