burkina faso

Situated in the heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso is a landlocked Sahelien country. Rather less affected by mass tourism and with few natural resources attractive to international concerns, the country has kept its authenticity. Burkina Faso has a very RICH CULTURAL heritage. Since 2012, we are pleased to develop divers projects with and for our partners:

::: preservation study for the mosques in Bani  more
::: realisation of the art shelter for kAfULi with PROVIDA  more
::: design of the cultural centre for/with Bolo´Arts  more
::: active participation in conferences PPUB organised by MHU of BF
::: design of the “fundraising” collection cementJCA! … more
::: design of the storyteller centre “la Forge” with bioarchimore
::: design concept of a dance centre for EDIT … more
::: design concept of a dance residency facilities Keetuma
::: design and realisation of JUMP HUB for/with the collectiveJUMPmore
::: archi-laboratory “espacePUBLICespacepARTagé” with IF and bioarchi … more
::: scenic installation Réseautage with Atelier Andaere … more
::: workshops and trainings of design in public space… more
::: active participation in expert workshop Les Ateliers – Grand Ouaga2050 more
::: concept workshops of the Pocket Park with the collectiveJUMPmore
::: design concept of the Pocket Park with the collectiveJUMP more
::: design of public furniture Tournette with the collectiveJUMP more
::: design and realisation of the creative residency centre p09 for/with Ankata more
::: preparation of student architecture competition Theatre Populaire Idea(l) for/with CDC la termitière with inspirelimore
::: concept of a dance pavillion for CDC la termitière more
::: design and realisation of totoyedemore
::: design and realisation of Maison Kmore


Ethiopia, the country with the continent´s largest concentration of UNESCO cultural sites… the country with complex history, with decent culture, the country with many paradoxes and contrasts. Since 2012 we keep being inspired and develop experimental activities in design and architecture…

::: design of school innovations for People in Need … more
::: design and architecture experimental workshops at EIT-M … more


In Mauritania, Maghreb meets West Africa. The culture, life and population are remarkably diverse, still today anchored in ethnies: Arabs, Berberes, Wolofs, Sub-saharian Africans… The country serves naturally as a place of passage, even in these days often crossed by caravans coming from the desert heart of the continent. It seems that there are no limits in the horizont…

::: participation in the international expert workshop about architecture and city planning Les Ateliers – Nouakchott … more
::: design of “quartier pilote” in French

czech republic

::: cooperation with CTU … more
::: PhD Research at FA CTU … more

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