design workshops

One of the goals of unlimitedJCA is to support artistic and architectural education and to
promote respectful and open creativity through participation or organisation in various workshops and trainings realized with architects, designers, street artists, festivals or universities…

In today’s interconnected world, the local identity and cultural heritage is the key aspect of the community confidence and social development, however the challenge is still time and money, calendar and costs…The aim of such a collaboration is to explore and experience various strategies in design. Special consideration is given to the field of low cost interventions in public or shared spaces with special emphasis to urban context, cost minimization, affordability, sustainability, replicability, material selection, flexibility, graphics and esthetics…

2017_model making studio in Nouvelle Aube University

invited by Chiara Rigotti Ouattara from bioarchi, assisted by Sada Dao
– model-making training focused on a mock-up of urban tissue of Old Town of Bobo Dioulasso

2015-16_hands-on participation in fire installation Takara

invited by Abel Darga, the founder of the company Takara to participate in the concept workshop with the focus on a scenic installation in public space during the street art festival Rendez-Vous Chez Nous 2016 in Bobo Dioulasso. The initiative is brought by the company Carabosse  to introduce the fire installation to Bobo Dioulasso. The workshop was organised in cooperation with Ateliers Frappaz and their new initiative Centre de formation des métiers de l´art de la rue.

Michaela Solnická Volná was invited to participate because of her competences of architecture, model making and set-design. The meeting room of unlimitedJCA was used for theoretical part of the workshop that was lead by Christophe and Patrice coming all the way from France to assist to the creation of the team that might be able to do something like this event in Rabat in future…

It is a very interesting idea, especially when we know that fireworks are rare in Africa because the explositon powder is kept only by army and any civil cannot touch it legally. The fire installation in contrary is a way how to reach an extraordinary atmosphere calming the spectators at night. Staring into the flames is a soothing moment for a human being all over the world since ever…

2016_02 video of the first scenic installation of the company Takara – video capted and mixed by uJCA

The workshop had 3 steps (four days, ten days and one month), it comprised the experiments with combustibles, graphic concepts of the public installation that was inaugurated on 18th February at the occasion of ACMUR festival RendezVous chez Nous

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