la forge

The Company “Les Murmures de la Forge – Contes et Musiques” is a cultural organisation focused on artistic production of shows in all disciplines in general and in the field of storytelling, the arts of speech and narrative and music in particular. It was created by a storyteller François Moses BAMBA who is a respected artist in Africa and Europe.

Francois BAMBA made a call to unlimitedJCA and bioarchi to design a modest place so-called “The Forge” in Bobo Dioulasso – it is intended to be a framework for promoting the intangible heritage and the ancestral know-how of the different peoples of Burkina Faso in its generality …


2015_09______first contact – visit of the site
2015_11______first design studies
2016_10______completion of the design concept
2017_02______document espace Forge for the partners mobilisation
2017_11______expected beginning of the construction of the The Forge

designed in collaboration with


in pictures

© 2017


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