At the occasion of “International Conference on Affordable Housing, Mekelle 2014” there was a workshop organised for students of 5th and 6th year of bachelor programme. The goal of the workshop is a design of urban equipment for public space that is more or less overlooked in context of numerous precipitously constructed condominiums… Today´s attention is focused on maxiscale of block composition and urban pattern or flat dispositions. People are infl uenced by the common and public space design as well, or even more…

The workshop focused on architecture in combination with product design of different objects of public equipment (benches, traffic barriers, bollards, streetlamps, traffic lights, traffic signs, bajaj stands, shaders, kiosks, trashbins…) in relation with social (=safety), cultural (=art and appearance), anthropological (=function and usefullness) and environmental aspects (=sustainability and material). The participants tried to find facts about the evolution of street furniture in social contexts, and the role of it in development. It is a playful approach to explore how low-cost materials and tools and crafts can be used to shape public space. And how the public space shapes its users…

NUMBER OF STUDENTS: approx. 25 students from the last (6th) year of study who will participate mandatorily in the workshop session as in the part of their block course of the winter semestre of the academic year 2014/2015 + 10 students from 5th year of study on voluntary basis

The workshop is proposed by CiglerMaraniUnlimited. If the workshop results are appropriate, the CMU (as development mediator) would assist the students to ask for the financial support from the grant programme of the Czech embassy in Addis Abeba for Small Scale Projects to implement the most convenient project to its “urban field” during the international workshop held in spring semestre during academic year 2014/2015.
The aim of the small scale local projects is to support Ethiopian institutions (such as academic institutions, charities, NGOs, hospitals, etc.) in their development activities, which are alligned with the national development strategy. The projects are implemeted in different areas, especially in health, education, social welfare and environment protection.


2013_06______initial contact about research cooperation
2013_09______arrival to Ethiopia, 3-month long research in situ
2013_10-11______workshop “Think globally, act locally!” in Mekelle University
2014_02______booklet “SCHOOLdesignINNOVATIONS” , (in chapter Fresh Ideas)
2014_05______workshop “Find It and Use It” about public space in condominiums
2014_11______product design workshop “Condominium Street Fu(rni)ture” at the occasion of the International Conference “The Affordable and the Profitable” in Mekelle
2015_01-03______candidature for the grant of the Czech embassy in Addis Abeba to organise workshop build the condo fu(rni)ture – refused

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