Trust in Play – Tournettes for JUMP

An alternative urban furniture, a spinning chair, mobile shades, playful permanent structures not necessarily considered as playgrounds, designated for everybody regardless of age.

The swivel mechanism makes the structure different every single turn. Users might explore (individually or together) the spinning system. They can sit closer to each other or create more shade when turning the poles in specific directions.

The Tournette installation was developed during the training process of Trust in Play, the First European School of Urban Game Design, within the Nomadic Branch. This mentoring allowed to playfully explore new relationships of trust in cities and in Ouagadougou particularly.

The Tournettes were designed in Ouagadougou, with and for JUMP, which stands for “Jeunesse Unie pour un Mouvement Positif” (Youth United for a Positive Movement), a cultural association existing since 2009, within the frame of a project called Pocket Park.


2019_10______Trust in Play training week in Athens
2020_01______initial ideas, need study
2020_04______concept tournettes
2020_05-06_____prototyping in front of the JUMPHUB and in Pocket Park


Jakub Cigler Architekti –  EdgeRyders – Trust in Play – the European School of Urban Game Design – funded by Creative Europe


Concept: Michaela Solnická Volná, unlimited Jakub Cigler Architekti
Partner in Crime: Souleymane Ladji Kone
Trust in Play Mentor: Matteo Uggozini and Natalia Skoczylas
Trust in Play co-Trainees: Elizabeth Hudson, Mark Mushiva, Thibault Schiemann, Marina Kyriakou, Francine Dulong
Manufacturing: Alexis Kaboré and his welding team, Adama Nana Lipico and his weaving team
Installation: Michel Tieba and his team
Stress-test: Brice Tieba, Flo, Asten, Déborah, Nadège, Hilari, Nemar, Dadiou

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