Ankata Grand Studio

“There are very good dance schools and artistic training centres in West Africa: many talents have the time and the opportunity to build a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques. But few places offer a real creative space where artists of all disciplines can meet, exchange, confront their limits or be supported to exceed them.” Aware of these difficulties and paradoxes that he himself experienced, Serge Aimé Coulibaly created in Bobo Dioulasso, in 2014, Ankata, International Laboratory for Research, Creation and Production of the Performing Arts.

The cosy ankata studio works well, but the expansion has been on the agenda for a while. The corner site “p09” in sector 24 in Bobo Dioulasso will offer one large stage, one dance lab studio, a cantine, a co-working space, one multifonction space and seating terrasse, everything in international standards respecting local context, under the name “The Grand Studio Ankata”.


2014_10______first contact with Ankata members
2019_08______first meeting about “p09”
2019_10______architectural concept 
2020_02______beginning of construction works, stage 1
2020_07______architectural concept upgrade
2020_10______opening ceremony of the 1st phase
2021_03______design update of the 2nd phase
2021_06______beginning of construction works, concept – etape2

in pictures

in photos

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