The Pocket Park

The Pocket Park was initiated to unite people from the community to revitalize a neglected public space with the tools that the collective use and eventually practice professionally – the art and culture. It is a pilot project for a broader program to promote creativity, community linkages, environment and sanitation of illegal urban landfills.

The first phase is a series of multidisciplinary workshops about public space for artists, architects, landscape architects, gardeners, designers, sculptors, welders, graphic designers, sociologists and others. It consists of a conception of a large-scale urban and landscape creation including greenery and street furniture from recycled materials. These workshops will be open – “with the people for the people” so that local people can explore, learn and experience art as a city-constructive tool.

The second phase is a realisation the design. The trans-disciplinary realisation will respond to the major problem in the neighbourhood – seasonal flooding and raising of the underground water – related to new living patterns, elevated consumption and tree elimination in the city.

The project is initiated by the collectif JUMP and it is developed in cooperation with unlimitedJCA. The JUMP regroups artistes, makers and thinkers. The discussions about courageous youth, individual health or resilient cities are their daily bread. They are in daily contact with the local community facing the real problem. But this challenge is not a singular case. There are many other spots in Ouagadougou facing the same problem, or worse. This brings the project to have local impact while giving an example and encouraging the global solution – think globally, act locally! Adapting to the climate change can happen at different scales, from the household level through to major infrastructure – no matter the scale, what is important is to act now.


2016_01______first contact with JUMP members
2017_01______initial ideas of a co-working centre, need study
2017_2019______design and realisation of JUMPHUB
2018_06-8______rain season > difficulties for JUMPHUB construction
2018_09______common discussion about the problem and solution
2018_09______idea of the Pocket Park project
2018_11______preparation works and the pilot project The Pocket Garden
2020_01______kick-off meeting for the set of workshops called STUDIOs
2020_04______studio HANDS ON POCKET PARK in Mekelle, Ethiopia
2020_04______studio TRASH BIN in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
2020_05______set of studios POCKET PARK AU JUMPHUB in Ouagadougou
2020_06______studio TRUST in PLAY in Ouagadougou
2020_08-12_____prototyping in Pocket Park


Jakub Cigler Architekti – Institut Français de Paris (appui aux opérateurs culturel aux Caraïbes et en Afrique) – AMA (Art Moves Africa) –  Trust in Play – Ethiopian Institute of Technology in Mekelle, School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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