Pocket Park

The Pocket Park is a public interactive installation that consists of a large-scale landscape creation of greenery and street furniture from recycled materials. It will be designed during open workshops “with the people for the people” so that everybody can explore, chill or learn and experience art as a city-constructive tool.
The transdisciplinary installation responds to the major problem in the neighbourhood –seasonal flooding and raising of the underground water – related to new living patterns, elevated consumption and tree elimination in the city.
The project is initiated by the collectif JUMP and it is developped in cooperation with unlimitedJCA. The project consists of community gathering activities, material collecting and recycling, planting and installation itself.

The JUMP regroups artistes, designers and thinkers. The discussions about individual health, resilient cities and courageous youth are their daily bread. The project is initiated by the association acting in the zone, in daily contact with the community facing the real local problem. But the challenge is not a singular case. There are many other spots in Ouagadougou facing the same problem, or worst. This brings the project to have local impact while giving an example and encouraging the global solution – think globally, act locally! Adapting to the climate change can happen at different scales, from the household level through to major infrastructure – no matter the scale, what is important is to act now.

The Urban aesthetics are heavily compromised as a result of lack of funds, inappropriate equipment and infrastructure. However, to create harmonious and safe neighbourhood does not need necessarily thick resources. In contrary, the “smart and sustainable city districts” might attract the investment returns. It is a capacity and prosperity building from grassroots level, creating a pocket park to save the unused public space from degradation. The objective is to organize an open workshop where the community itself imagine the final form of the installation – this provide space for different perspectives within the discussion. The participation of the community in designing or following selection and information campaigns provide community with a sense of ownership and certainty that they can use the project.

Thinking about the city of Ouagadougou in past, was not possible without the Green Belt, protecting the city from the harmattan flowing from the North. Today the relicts of the Green Belt cannot resist the expanding urban fabric. The Sahelian city and its population suffer from the high temperature and air pollution. The reestablishment of the Green Belt is not possible anymore, but its derivation in a form of green spots might be the reinforcement of the traditional method to promote the sustainability and to review the conventional approaches to the environment.


2016_01______first contact with JUMP members
2017_01______initial ideas of a co-working centre, need study
2017_2019______design and realisation of JUMPHUB
2018_06-8______rain season > difficulties for JUMPHUB construction
2018_09______common discussion about the problem and solution
2018_09______idea of the Pocket Park project
2018_11______preparation works and pilot project

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