Since 2010 The EDIT (Ecole de Danse d´Irène Tassembedo) is the natural extension of more than three decades of commitment of Mme Irene Tassembedo to the defence of cultural diversity, including the combat to bring African culture, especially the dance out of the spheres of exotic and folkloric manifestations.

The EDIT is a real laboratory that offers the essential ingredients to make the achievements of the African dance on the world stages sustainable. EDIT aims to be a place where the young Africans of 17 to 25 years, motivated by an artistic career, will come to grow physically and intellectually with an anchoring in the rich African choreographic heritage and an opening to the whole world. The showcase for achieved results is FIDO – Festival International de Danse de Ouagadougou.

The first EDIT building has begun insustainable for future needs and Mme Tassembedo with her team set off to search for better solutions. Known for the commitment in gender equality, in 2017 Mme Tassembedo asked ladies Solnická and Rigotti (from unlimitedJCA and bioarchi) to study the case and develop a concept for a space for sharing and capacity building for dancers and dance enthusiasts.


2015_12______first contact – visit of the EDIT school
2016_01______participation in visual communication of FIDO 2016 (photosets)
2016_11______concept of visual style of FIDO 2017
2017_02______participation in visual communication of FIDO 2017 (photosets)
2017_03______document edit_etude_croquis for the partners and authorities mobilisation
2017_04______unfortunate expulsion of the school from rented spaces in Cissin

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