Ready for departure? Business cards? Business USB keys? Business flag? Business anything!



Everything ready for next AfroSession! Getting on the bus to Lyon…


Meetings with our partners from Burkina! With association Bolo´arts and Kouroubi Faso! Brainstorming about future “artcentres – lifecentres” in Bolomakoté and Faramana…


On the wings to the South

_2014_09_29_casablanca_ouagadougou_bobo dioulasso

Here we are! Arrived to kafuli! The flag is raised!

DSCN6745  _2014_09_30_bobo dioulasso

Checking of the shelter for women weavers… Unfortunately, it rains exceptionally heavily this year and our roof is leaking again… let´s find a solution of good and permanent quality…

_2014_10_02_bobo dioulasso

The team of Bolo´centre is getting reunited… The study of needs will be issued soon…

_2014_10_03_bobo dioulasso

Here it is, the temporary solution for next month of terrible rains… before we will descend the straw again and not double but TRIPLE the plastic foil!!!!


 _2014_10_04_bobo dioulasso

Happy holidays!!! Bonne fête de Tabaske 2014!

_2014_10_06_bobo dioulasso

The CementCMU Collection in production!


_2014_10_07_bobo dioulasso

The ladies weavers of kafuli are getting together to prepare their own Xmas exposition-market in the artshelter constructed with CMU!!! And that´s why the shelter will get a bit more of facelift… Let us surprise you


_2014_10_09_bobo dioulasso

The dimensions taking at the parcel of St. André Catholic community with representants of Bolo´arts Blaise and Catholic community Hubert

_2014_10_10_bobo dioulasso

Our friend, tailor Mano Ouedraogo has made wonderful embroidery for Kafuli shelter as a MERCI to PROVIDA foundation


_2014_10_13_bobo dioulasso

Another visit of the site to retake certain measurements with Blaise

_2014_10_14_bobo dioulasso

The ladies weavers from Kafuli got very important order from CMAliv – sample fabrics for CMA new interior collection

_2014_10_15_bobo dioulasso

Bolo´centre is meeting its digital dimension… the existent mass study in computer…


_2014_10_17_bobo dioulasso

The presentation of first propositions of the Bolo´centre, the schematic design is very well accepted

bolocentre - 3D View - from entrance door

_2014_10_20_bobo dioulasso

Today we have handed the bolo´centre schematic design over to the hands of Head of Catholic community in Bobo Dioulasso within the demand of authorisation to build at the lot of St. André Chapelle.

_2014_10_21_bobo dioulasso

Retouching, or better ot say improving  the display frame in kAfULi ArtShelter because of the upcoming kAfULi Xmas expo-market

_2014_10_22_bobo dioulasso

Expanding the display frame with Yacouba

_2014_10_23-24_bobo dioulasso

Visiting the construction sites of the builder who is always involved in projects of Catholic community – it helps us to understand each other, the required quality of works and expectations on both sides…

_2014_10_24_bobo dioulasso

Moussa, the tailor is finishing the CementCMU collection for purpose of  exposing at International housing conference in Ethiopia

_2014_10_25_bobo dioulasso

23H55 – saying goodbye to Bobo for a month, or better to say only for 4 weeks… Ethiopia is calling!

_2014_10_26_bobo dioulasso_ouagadougou_addis abeba

05H00 – arrival to the capital city of Burkina, about 25°C
11H00 – taking of from the Burkinabé asphalt, about 40°C
20H00 – landing in Bole International Apt in Addis Ababa, about 2°C

_2014_10_27_addis abeba

What a speed of the internet connection!

_2014_10_28_addis abeba

Consultancy with People in Need about the school implementation in an experimental environment in Alaba, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Reception at the Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa, at the occasion of the Czech national holiday – the anniversary of Czechoslovakia

_2014_10_29_addis abeba_mak´ale

05H00 getting on board of bus to survive the whole day drive to the city of Mak´ale (=Mekkele, Makele) close to the Eritrean border, for the next workshop with students. This time about product design: “Condominium Street Fu(rni)ture”.


Finalising details about our new workshop adventure – product design: “Condominium Street Fu(rni)ture”.

CMU_ws_product design





Call for participants



Our goal is to find ways how to perceive, feel, understand and deal with public spaces, with neglected areas, hidden spots, desolate spots, how to turn them into the places overflowing with inspiration and motivation, how to revive it to attract the people to care about it, how to think progressively and sustainably, how to engage community hospitality, the contribution to the development…

how to use secondary materials – how to recycle, how to make the community feel the ownership of the public space, how to learn from the public space, architecture as a contribution to the development, urban regeneration, finding focal points of public attention, phenomenon and archetypes, city as a place to live, presentation techniques…

The workshop will focus on architecture in combination with product design of different objects of public equipment (benches, traffic barriers, bollards, street lamps, traffic lights, traffic signs, bajaj stands, shaders, kiosks, trash bins…)  in relation with social (=safety), cultural (=art and appearance), anthropological (=function and usefulness) and environmental aspects (=sustainability and material). The participants will try to find facts about the evolution of street furniture in social contexts, and the role of it in development.

It is a playful approach to explore how low-cost materials and tools and crafts can be used to shape public space. And how the public space shapes its users…DSCN7401

In the afternoon we were off for the field trip… a peripheral condominium site in Quiha


Here we continue, analysis, research, concept…


Consultation of the concept with Mr. Simon, model making teacher of the EIT-M…





Getting ready for the International Conference on Affordable Housing


and graffiti in the campus!


For some people lazy Sunday, for others a small workshop with professors who are coming for the International Conference on Affordable Housing to try to established a cooperation and to take official steps. The professors are: prof. Zlatko Kapetanovic (former dean of School of Design in Zagreb, Croatia) and prof. Alenka Delic (vice-dean of School of Architecture of Zagreb).

2014_11_09 (3)


First day of the International Conference on Affordable Housing, everything is getting ready and at 9H00 of international time (3H00 of Ethiopian time) we start… To animate the conference the posters with the results of students´ work in “Condominum Street Fu(rni)ture” are posted…


Second day of the conference – we have organised a fieldtrip for the participants of the conference. They were taken to two different types of condominums – of small and generous scale – to Ayder and Kebelle 17. The exact same condominums that we have worked on with students during the workshop “Find It and Use It”

17H00 – Final presentation of the workshop “Condominum Street Fu(rni)ture” in the School of Architecture with the presence of prof. Zlatko Kapetanović from Design School in Zagreb, prof. Alenka Delić vicedean from Architecture Faculty in Zagreb, M.Arch. Andrej Došen from Mekelle Architecture School and M.Arch. Daniel Semunugus, the chair of architecture in the same school.


Last day of the conference – public presentation of the concept prototypes and the speech done by MSol


The day after the conference, the day of relief but the day of the evaluation and debiefiing at the same moment

spris at beles tsega (1)


Time to organise the sequence… the workshop “Build the condominium Fu(rni)ture” is beig structured by the tutors and pilot tem of students… PROPOSAL TO THE GRANT PROGRAMME of the Czech Embassy in Addis Abeba for Small Scale Projects to implement the most convenient project to its “urban field” during the international workshop held in spring semestre during academic year 2014/2015.
The aim of the small scale local projects is to support Ethiopian institutions (such as academic institutions, charities, NGOs, hospitals, etc.) in their development activities, which are alligned with the national development strategy. The projects are implemeted in different areas, especially in health, education, social welfare and environment protection.

_2014_11_15_mak´ale_addis ababa

Time to leave Mekelle… and observe the Addis Abeba condominium issues from the bird perspective

_2014_11_16_addis ababa_harrar_dire dawa

5H00 – departure from a central square in Addis. from Meskel Square to Harrar, to get to Dire Dawa where the 6th Cities Forum is held – international conference about the urban development of Ethiopian cities

_2014_11_17_dire dawa

6th Cities Forum in Dire Dawa accompanying Dr. Chakrabarty and MArch. Došen who have speech about the conference in Mekelle and new actors in affordable housing… Saying few words about our workshop also…



For curiosity, for comparison, for fun… to explore the path that Arthur Rimbaud took years ago…

_2014_11_19_harrar_addis ababa

Incredible sceneries by the road to the capital… New Awash bridge under construction


_2014_11_20_addis ababa

Meeting at the embassy. incripting the next workshop “Build the Condominium Street Furniture” into The Small Scale Project Grant Programme…


_2014_11_21_addis ababa

Training with the PIN contsruction engineer…

_2014_11_22_addis ababa

What a shame… spending almost 6 months in Ethiopia, travelling to all possible directions, visiting Bahir Dar, SNNPR, Harrar, DireDawa, Mekelle, Axum… but never been to the National Museum? Well, it is time to catch up…

_2014_11_23_addis ababa

A year met a year… and the Great Ethiopian Run is back…

_2014_11_25_addis ababa_ouagadougou_bobo dioulasso

Back to work in West Africa – the dance centre Bolo´centre, CementCMU Collection, Kafuli Market, communal centre… all of them are waiting!

_2014_11_26_bobo dioulasso

The last retouch of the leaking roof – final and definitive solution. The straw layer has to get down, be sorted and dried out…


_2014_11_27_bobo dioulasso

The Kafuli expo/market is getting ready… women at the organisation meeting


_2014_11_28_bobo dioulasso

The roof structure composition was reinforced by 3 layers of plastic foil. The straw holding frame is attached to the walls horizontally – no more penetration +7cm of aired space under the straw.

_2014_11_29_bobo dioulasso

The final result of the fabric samples for CMAliv

_2014_11_30_bobo dioulasso

And the final result of CementCMU Collection for Prague!

_2014_12_01_bobo dioulasso_ouagadougou

Off we go! 30kg of promo materials and samples to be transported to Ouaga, proceed through the customs and send to Prague!


_2014_12_02_ouagadougou_bobo dioulasso

It is sent!


_2014_12_03_bobo dioulasso

The paravan-vitrine is getting ready


_2014_12_04_bobo dioulasso

The expo is getting closer


_2014_12_05_bobo dioulasso

Running for the administration of our Bolo´centre. Getting information from CEFAC (centre for the facilitating of construction acts), the Ministry of the Habitat, from the laboratory…


42km195! Under the Sahelien sunshine


_2014_12_08_bobo dioulasso

The expo has started

_2014_12_09_bobo dioulasso

The new information about the construction permit process – may we save 1 000 000 FCFA?

_2014_12_10_bobo dioulasso

Yes, according to the information from the laboratory and CEFAC (centre pour la facilitation des actes de construction) we can. It requires only few formal changes in our existing draft… Let´s rock!

_2014_12_15_bobo dioulasso

IMG_1723One part of the CementCMU parcel got to Prague! Happy colleagues from Cigler Marani Architects!

_2014_12_17_bobo dioulasso

Booklet with the results of the workshop “The condominium Street Fu(rni)ture is completed and uploaded here!

_2014_12_18-25_bobo dioulasso

Week full of neverending nights above the project of the Bolo´centrre, full of running for the organisation, scenography and lowcost decoration… for the festival Bolo´arts, for the cultural patrimony and preservation, for the festival where the public presentation of the Bolo´centre is scheduled…

_2014_12_26_bobo dioulasso

But the result is winsome!!! Here it is, some colourful pictures from the first night of the festival – the stage of new talents and the night of hunters coming from the bush!

_2014_12_27_bobo dioulasso

The second day is under the name of football and performance in the French Cultural Institute – the concert of three uncompetable artistic formations reputated for excellent musical qualities and extraordinality appreciated even by governmenatl bodies during national events… Groups Djiguiya from Dioulassoba, Ganta de Gnagna from the East of Burkina Faso and Ensemble artistique de Bolomakoté

_2014_12_28_bobo dioulasso

The third and final day … blood donation, workshops, open air stage with more than ten different artistic performances aaaaaaaaaaand the Bolo´centre presentation…

and the Bolo´centre presentation, the pdf file to be downloaded here

presentation renders in details, the pdf file to be downloaded here

_2015_01_05_bobo dioulasso

Pleased to be thanked!

blmkt_certificat de remerciement

_2015_01_09_bobo dioulasso

Final report of the festival to be downloaded here

or some moving pictures to prove it on jutúb

_2015_01_12_bobo dioulasso

CMU was invited as artistic and graphic advisor to the project ANBEI – the complex training of 16 artists from 6 cultural centers (Bolo´arts between them) in Bobo Dioulasso for 16 weeks… Our field of intervantion is public space intervention, graphic design, scenography and costume design

_2015_01_13_bobo dioulasso-ouagadougou

CMU was invited to participate in Municipal Urban Forum in Tenkodogo which is one of the four secondary cities taking part in pilot programme of urbanisation PPUB (Programme Pays Urbain du Burkina) brought by Cites Alliance and United Nations – Habitat http://www.citiesalliance.org/sites/citiesalliance.org/files/Burkina%20French.web_.pdf


The Municipal Urban Forum in Tenkodogo was organised with the subtitle “With Participation Together to Inclusive Cities”. The participants came from townhalls, from civic societies, associations, government (ministries). The focus was based on the city of Tenkodogo itself. Its development, its SDAU (Schéma Directeur d´Aménagement Urbain), its problems and challenges. There were dellagations coming from 3 other concerned cities in Burkina – Dori, Dédougou and Bobo Dioulasso…


The Municipal Urban Forum in Tenkodogo was focused on habitants participation. There were four different workshops for four different aim groups, one of them was oriented on the articulation of civil interests in urban planning.


_2015_01_16_ouagadougou-bobo dioulasso

The charm of Burkina


_2015_01_19_bobo dioulasso

The district of Bolomakoté is rich in culture and art… and that is why there is a lot of attention of different institutions since ever. In 1960´s the Church of Sisters of Bolomakoté was constructed there. Maybe the only one in entire Burkina with central disposition, but still respecting the east-west orientation of alter.

The church is constructed in laterit blocks, the local material, so typical for tropical and sahelian areas where periods of heavy rains are followed by dry heat. The roof structure is in metal with very good detailing which causes the fact that only the simple maintenance is sufficient for good condition of the edifice by the years…

_2015_01_20_bobo dioulasso

As the contrary to good-looking Church of Sisters of Bolomakoté, the Espace Vert (Green Space) in St. Étienne (another district of the city) looks abandoned and desperate. It is said it was installed after the revolution, so it means that the construction in St. Etienne is even more recent, but unfortunately in worse condition – is it matter of material only?

Luckily there is an initiation of one burkinabé artistic association that wants to revive it in public meeting place, in community and cultural centre. Good luck to all of you, nos amis!


_2015_01_21_bobo dioulasso

Activation of public space… here they are, members of Bolo´arts in market of Sarfalao

_2015_01_26_bobo dioulasso

The Bolo´centre is introduced to archbishop! Merci and bravo to our entire team!

_2015_01_27-06/20_bobo – ouaga – casablanca – lyon – prague

Period of next 5 months is unfortunately not covered by daily blog-posting –  heat period in combination with transition governement and overload of CMU made it moer than difficult… BUT the activities are anyway covered in the section WHAT

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