project with the company Carabosse goes on… the local scenographers-trainees are in the field to know the scene better and getting ready for the upcoming January workshop with Sada Dao from Face-O-Scéno between the 18th and the 27th of January 2016.

As mentioned here, the French association Atelier Frappaz and Burkinabe ACMUR got together to create the first west african centre of street art and the project of the fire installation with the company Carabosse is one of the pilot projects. It has original scenario focused on scenography in public space…


_2016_01_01_bobo dioulasso

our vision of upcoming year… seems promissing



a bit of administration for the Bolo´centre in the capital city, getting known better the excellent initiatives like EDIT and CDC Termitière


the proof how important is to water enough the bricks during their production

_2016_01_06_ouagadougou – bobo dioulasso

pleasure of travelling


_2016_01_07_bobo dioulasso

project with the company Carabosse goes on… the fire has to be under absolute control, not only its force but also its duration and how vivid it is. The experiments with different combustible materials such as sheabutter and cotton are on the programme of the “fire team”

_2016_01_08_bobo dioulasso

project with the company Carabosse goes on… knowing the field permits first sketches and curageous ideas…


a bit of administration for the Bolo´centre in the capital city

_2016_01_13-14_bobo dioulasso

project with the company Carabosse goes on…


on the way to Niger, to Niamey… stopped by terrorist attack in Ouagadougou… so close to a violance on humanity, on freedom… Truly incomprehensible and unacceptable misery action, whose condemnation is in place … Whether it is a concert in Paris, a hotel in Bamako, a square in Istanbul or a caféterasse in Ouagadougou …courage to all to keep on living full lives, sharing, exploring, developing, dancing and LOVING… all over the world

_2016_01_18-26_bobo dioulasso

project with the company Carabosse goes on… the beginning of the scenography  week-long workshop with Sada Dao and a group of promissing young people (painters, welder, carpenter, sound engineer, light technician, jewellery creator and administrator). The workshop is composed by practical mornings – rectification works on the Siraba centre and theoretical afternoons with the scenographer and architect focused on a technical documentation and tools (plans, sections, elevations, mock-ups) and scale and proportions with the aim of creation of the concept for the perfromace at the festival Rendez-Vous Chez Nous

here it is, few pictures of existing Siraba centre

and a picture of workshop team

foto abel (1)

the team in practice – painting and repairing the accommodation of the Siraba Centre and creating the shelter for its own creative activities in future

voila, the shelter found its place behind existing garage, in between the external wall and stockage – to avoid a space consuming column installation, we have proposed simply attachements on existing structures

and some shots from the theoretical part of the workshop – what the scale and proportions are, how we use plans, sections and elevations, what for, how to use mock-ups and 3d digital models…

in the end of our intense work we have found three approaches for the fire installation with the focus on the idea of the central tree… more or less imaginaire…