Ready for the departure… face lifted and reinforced with new strategies during the two months spent in Europe (in Prague, Moravia, Bratislava and Lyon) …. CMU has become unlimitedJCA, unlimited jakub cigler architekti… got a new visual style and …


and new strategy…

_2015_08_26-27_PRAGUE-vienna-algers-ouagadougou-bobo dioulasso

The new record was beaten! Door-to-door trip of more than 5000km in a car, in two buses, two aircrafts and on one motorbike in less than 23 hours…


Welcome back in the kingdom of mud! The rain season is in its peak… and the local infrastructure in Sarfalao suffers…

The necessary visit of colleagues and fulfilling the stock that was sold out in Europe… thank you to all for your interest


_2015_09_01_bobo dioulasso

New models and security gadgets for the camera bags… well, it was not on the first priority to do list, but i desperately needed it myself;)


_2015_09_02_bobo dioulasso

The issue of the new parcel for the bolo´centre still sleeps at the administration level. The documents were sent on 11th June… it is getting to be too long time… BUT my kind colleagues have prepared a Surprise! Instead of waiting for THE project of the real bolo´centre, they initiated the local “kiosque” – mobile structure that will be transported to the proper parcel when it is needed. Now, the placement in the heart of Bolomakoté… the real installation will be when the raindrops will lose their force…

_2015_09_04_bobo dioulasso

and unlimited surprise…

_2015_09_06_bobo dioulasso

shopping list: oranges, a melon, a toothbrush, …. and SOLAR panels… i still can´t choose where i will get mine. That´s why I still do not have any…

_2015_09_07_bobo dioulasso

the documents are traced up… let´s go to Ouaga!



Burkina Faso is one of the most bureaucratic countries all over the world… many people are employed in the state services and very few of the processes are digitalized…

Once being in Ouaga, I have met the Chief of the MHU Cabinet (Ministry of Habitat and Urbanisme) to update our cooperation on PPUB and especially our professionnal contribution to upcoming National Conference of Urbanisation on 28-30th September with Michel Kafando as chairman, the president of the transition government himself

_2015_09_10_bobo dioulasso

on the way from the capital… The government has concluded the works on the highway number ONE, the reconstruction the tarmac road from Ouaga to Bobo was completed in june and people use it with confidence…

_2015_09_11_bobo dioulasso

Fanfare! The meeting room of the UNLIMITED office opens its doors! Welcome in Sarfalao! Designed by unlimitedJCA, realised by Yacouba, an illiterate carpenter, and Jacques, one-handed tailor… Thank you!


_2015_09_14_bobo dioulasso

a session with scenography and decoration team of Bolo´Arts for their Festival Bolo´Arts in the end of December 2015


_2015_09_15_bobo dioulasso

preparing new models of upcoming Xmas shipment to Prague (Europe)

_2015_09_16_bobo dioulasso

Burkina is a small country, and not rich. But this country is on its way. Last October, the people got rid of their president, who was 27 years in power and couldn´t raise the country, moreover he did the opposite. The president who is at the background of the murder of Thomas Sankara, one of the most popular leaders of the continent (and his longtime friend) to sit on his chair. The president who was eliminating journalists from his field? The president who sent his mercenaries in all the conflicts in West Africa? In less than two days the people made it – the revolution. And they became an example for all other countries all over the continent. They confirmed that the name of Burkina Faso (= country of honest man) is tight. They had weapon that others before them did not. Honor and solidarity combined with Facebook!

Burkina had a year to prepare the valid elections. The leadership of the transition was assigned to a former diplomat Michel Kafando. The transitional government members were almost entirely civilians. Rooms with polls should have been open on October 11, 2015. The new era was approaching. However, someone has forgotten himself in that old one! At that one, where he could come up with Kalashnikovs, destroy the enemy, take hostages and begin to dictate the terms.

And that is it what happened on Wednesday afternoon at a regular meeting of all ministers preparing the ground for the transition to 100% mode of the country after the election. General Diendere and his unit RSP (Presidential Security Unit) burst into the room and arrested president Kafando, prime minister Zida and two ministers (yes, even “our” Rene – Minister of habitat and urbanism!).

_2015_09_17_bobo dioulasso

Nobody slept peacefully in the country and instead of waking up and realizing that it was just a nightmare, a stupid joke … This appeared on national television screens this morning


RSP member states that the RSP with its general Diendere as a head of a country will lead the people to the election according to their wishes. Shortly, it is that they want supporters of the former president back in a game.

The RSP is an elite unit of the army consisting some 1,300 heads. Without a shred of emotion they began to deal with public resistance, which of course since Wednesday began to grow. I will not go into details. French channels and Facebook flew a lot of photoshots. The RSP was tasked to liquidate the media and to disperse crowds. The order was to shoot into the air. Or on legs. “But well” sometimes it is miss-aimed … So for Thursday, and Friday we have a balance of 10 dead straight from bullets, and about 150 gunshot. And dozens more deaths unrelated to the coup in hospitals, where the staff could not attend because the capital was paralyzed not only by fear, but also by a curfew. So dying children in pediatrics laconically for malaria or diarrhea …

And that is only in capital city. “Fortunately”, the RSP has only 1,300 men (and women!) who have a base in Ouagadougou. Nowhere else. So, the RSP, it could not progress to other cities… And what is the most important, the population fought for broadcasting radios though everybody faced danger, they defended their neighborhood, built barricades, cut down trees and burned tires. And they were getting ready on Facebook …  for example like how to make a Molotov cocktail …

Screen Shot 09-18-15 at 11.42 PM

Frightening, isn’t it? … But more frightening is when calling to Ouaga to get news about your family or friends you can hear gunshots. When your fiancée or friends call that they got on the bus that takes them home to safe Bobo, but after an hour you are told that their bus was stopped and firing into the air drove them out … And it frightens, when people sent into the world ictures like these on facebook

I do not think more images have their place here. Maybe I should just mention that among the victims there are grandparents, parents, youths, but even babies. One bullet went through the belly of a mother when she had a toddler tied on her back.

_2015_09_18_bobo dioulasso

And what a world up on it? The African Union immediately excluded Burkina from their ranks and halted all programs of international development support, to show the putschists to be recognized. The only international gesture worth talking about so far!

_2015_09_19_bobo dioulasso

Ecowas sent on Saturday, yes on Saturday!, its mediators – Senegal and Benin President, to put an end to it. Eh “put an end”. They started to deal with this wanabe president, master general Diendere, who already “released” Kafando and others in ‘guarded’ residences …

_2015_09_20_bobo dioulasso

What was negotiated?


On Sunday at a hotel that was “guarded” by remaining RSP, the program for the “exit from the crisis” was announced – acceptation of all RSP conditions and legitimization or “amnesty” to all those terrobastards.

And what others about it? EU? USA? “Blablabla, it is necessary to respect the decision of Ecowas as a local institution.” Well, me personally, I’m not saying that Holland or his Elysees guards, had to parachute and slit the RSP general, but… simply saying that the “exit” is nonsense or WTF…. Especially being thousands of kilometers away. At least the local population would not be disappointed that their lives are worth amnestying killers …

Does that seem like a bad joke? Then you are not alone feeling the “misunderstanding”. Senegalese as well as Benin people are ashamed of their presidents. All cities in Burkina are up on their feet, and they manifest.

The RSP had anything as an excuse, no matter how they felt oppressed in the upcoming elections preparations and whatever they wanted to legitimize… in democracy, this is not the way to do so. In democracy, people talk together. They do not take hostages or murder. Do you feel that you do not need it to be explained? So why would Burkina people need to explain it to presidents of Senegal and Benin?

_2015_09_21_bobo dioulasso

Monday. And what this day brought? Confirmation that the Burkinabes can care up for themselves. That they do not want to accept amnesty for people who turned over the country in few days. That Ecowas fell on its head. In every city with a military base everyone regardless of age or gender, people manifested and accompanied military convoys on the road to the capital city.

Yes, this morning Republican Army put end to the fear and growing desperation. Hidden in military quarters and being passive, they “accompanied” the demonstrators on their marches in spirit (by not acting against them), it was the wisest thing whoever did all the week to avoid a tragedy. They did not let sharp weapons circulate among the population and thus prevent even greater bloodshed than happened.

It was today they took their way, even though demonstrators were passionate in front of their barracks and even slept there. Including women with wooden spoons who chanted that would protect the country better than the lazy army wimps. They drove out today. Today, when the streets of Ouagadougou under the international attention are almost calm. Today, when hundreds of the RSP start laying down their weapons and the general Diebere begins to screw (and probably looking around how to disappear somewhere abroad). Today, the left to arrive in Ouaga, to dismantle the last remnants and show to the people that “there is not anymore a thing to worry about”.


People from Bobo accompanied “their” unit proudly up to 20 km outside the city.

Why is it IMPORTANT for Burkina and for the whole world itself? Why I am now happy and proud of all Burkinabes even though only Tuesday will show the way out of the crises? Because there are young leaders who hold the crowd determined not to let trample over their heads, but at the same moment they impose limits of integrity and prudence. Young leaders who encourage boys from the street, even though there is not food or gasoline that is not the time to start vandalism. That tomorrow is not the day of the handling of accounts and vendetas. That they all have to hang back and let the work of military to professionals. That the country needs them young and strong, so that after the elections they could work intensively on new progress … and these leaders are respected and the people listens.

This country has a future. It has a unique motivation to hold on – the fact that today a lot of African peoples consider Burkina the example to follow. I firmly believe that it will serve as motivation to work even more on the democracy and progress. Looking at the dramatic history of Rwanda. What happened twenty years ago, and where are they now? Switzerland of Africa …

And why is this day special for me tonight?

I am in the age of those who experienced one single president in Burkina – a dictator. I am in the age of those who cannot remember anything from our own revolution of 1989 in the Czech Republic, nothing. But even if so, what is a couple of batons against reputed “key-chimes” compared with kalashnikovs against the people, a rocket launcher against the media and fire against houses?

I’ve never been in contact or close to any public violence, except one night in Istanbul, where fading bloody revolution of 2012 made couple of drops from water guns fall on me. Or except when I was last year at one hospital room with a Ukrainian who told me how her sister had to identify her son, whom soldiers cut off arms, ears and eyes.

I saw and I see crazy undernourished beggars dying on the streets. I have seen terrible health care and the dead at hospitals. Stomach overturning accidents. Freezing demonstration. BUT! I’m not used to seeing purposeful violence. And I do not like violence! But what I hate even more, it is an injustice.

Today, for the first time in my life I saw an armored personnel carrier and felt happy about it. For the first time I saw heavily armed soldiers in a pickup truck and got not chills or shivering. Conversely. I saw heroes. I felt relief, pride and satisfaction. I felt solidarity with citizens of Bobo sending “their boys” to protect the people of Ouaga and especially President Kafando, apparently traumatized by the imprisonment and by the agreement “exit from the crisis” that he considers “with reserve”. I felt that through those few cars all 16 000 000 people sent a message not only to 1300 from RSP (who by the way started to flee and disappear into the bush) but to those regional “authorities” fooling Burkina with their “exit” and amnesty.

Instead of preparing Thursday holiday of Tabaske, we are every day out in the streets. Well, me not so much…;) always just “to check out” the situation from afar. Imagine my mom would have a stroke if she knew. But after I learned about “the exit” and the amnesty, so I could not simply sit at home. And no one could. Young, old, mothers, grandfathers, clerks, mechanics. They all came out into the streets of the city. Everyone snapped a branch broom as a symbol of the need to sweep the country. Solidarity and wit ruled the entire parade. I’ve never been thanked and so many times kissed on the forehead as today from Burkina mothers who feel that they were laughed at the face by the international community. The crowd was powerful …. And after we escorted the boys with real helmets to the gates of Bobo, people began to dance in the city center…

No, no, I’m not going home;);) Already, looking forward to the conference in two weeks, where “papa” Kafando will take part as well. And probably with him I will make myself my first selfie in my life !!!

The resume of this day: Monday – loyal army arrived in the capital, occupied the position, relaxed people and gave an ultimatum to the Presidential Guard RSP, After midnight, the info about pre-peace was emitted…

_2015_09_22_bobo dioulasso

Tuesday – ultimatum expired, none of anyone attack. Conversely, all night negotiating, Because nobody sane wants to destroy the country that is so poor that can’t go anywhere backwards.


Under the roof of the main tribal king (no I’m not exagerating, the ethnic hierarchy is extremely important and respect for elders is of such weight that important legislation is being signed at his residence, even if he has no legal power), a ceasefire was signed, which consisted of

  • the RSP leaves their sentry posts in the city
  • the Loyal Army from other cities moves 50km away from the barracks of RSP
  • The period of 72 hours for counting (and delivery) of all war materiel of RSP
  • Ensuring the safety of the families of members of the RSP

_2015_09_23_bobo dioulasso

Wednesday – standing ovations for a speech of Michel Kafando, who returned to office. Together with all the hostages.kaf-unù-692x360

A mass cleaning of all cities. Here a picture from Ouaga


And, of course. Congratulations from around the world.

In addition, for me, the most striking thing. The RSP General is still in place. He didn’t flee into exile. Not brushing up the blame on others. On the contrary, keeps a log and said literally that he is aware that what he did was a complete waste of time, he regrets all the victims, he couls see which way people want to go and that he is ready to face all consequences. He faces the death penalty. Personally, I am appalled, how he keeps the protocol.


_2015_09_24_bobo dioulasso

Muslim feast of Aid Al Adha (Tabaske, the feast of sacrifice and forgiveness), After all, it is celebrated. Although modestly. But together and in peace. The same place where people manifested, hundreds of men, women and children knelt in prayer.


_2015_09_25_bobo dioulasso

The country is back in transition, but still many places on strike, prices of some commodities soared into the sky. The country lacks gasoline and cash. Because the RSP is still not dissolved … and the general is not arrested … so the unions hasn’t abolish the call for nationwide inactivity yet.

The government sat down to negotiate. On the table: Issues of the dissolution of the RSP, restoring of the country stability, the commission for the investigation of criminal offenses, etc …

18h00 RSP is dissolved

But still, there is a curfew in the country after dark … But as Archbishop Paul Ouedraogo said – this coup did a great service to national unity and solidarity!

_2015_09_26_bobo dioulasso

Very nice summary available here http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-34350200 – 7 lessons from 7days coup

_2015_09_28_bobo dioulasso

General strike is over, everybody goes back to work. The price of petrol decreases and the offices open their doors. Let´s work in serious mode! New supply of the cement bags came from Ouaga – new black print model!


_2015_09_30_bobo dioulasso

Burkina is the country of culture, of music, dance, sculpture, bogolan and especially storytelling. Not only the oral narrators, but all the other artistic fields describe stories… and reputated story-tellers do not want to stay “under tree” anymore… New project is coming – a story tellers´ centre in Bobo Dioulasso… first visit of the site

_2015_10_02_bobo dioulasso

Interesting how 10 days of internal insecurity may disabled and destabilize the country for weeks. It takes time in official governmental services to find the original rhythm…

_2015_10_06_bobo dioulasso

Upcoming project of the external consultant in the public space of Bobo Dioulasso?


_2015_10_07_bobo dioulasso

My favourite material in Burkina Faso – BTC – Brique en Terre Comprimée – Compressed Soil Brick. New technology, new opportunity, new challenge. Local and environmental friendly


_2015_10_08_bobo dioulasso

Country of coulours. New fashion is coming from Nigeria

_2015_10_11_bobo dioulasso

Sunday… a day of… construction! And you? What do you do on Sunday?

_2015_10_12_bobo dioulasso

once upon a time on a construction site… monday in Bobo Dioulasso… we found the traces of sacrifice on the site (kola, beans, cereals…)

_2015_10_13_bobo dioulasso

I have never doubted that my design for Bolo´centre is possible. It is not only possible, but already done in Bobo itself – building of an NGO in a cotton affaires in Sikassosira

_2015_10_14_bobo dioulasso

bobo is full of treasures


_2015_10_16_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… and it is the time to think about the decoration of the public space. About permanent scenography and embellishment. The one that might be eco-sensitive and costs ZERO… well the idea is under the progress… overcuts from tailors´ workshops divided in stripes, tied together to create a ribbon 10km long that will be weaved as a roofing of the main gathering place – main corridor of Bolomakoté

_2015_10_19_bobo dioulasso

the story of the box continues.


_2015_10_22_bobo dioulasso

a new client – a new challenge? details coming soon

fr - 3D View - 2015_detail de dehors

_2015_10_24_bobo dioulasso

we were (together with Bolo´Arts) honoured to participate in the Forum of Cultural Association at the occasion of the Day of Open Doors in the French Institute in Bobo Dioulasso – an opportunity to introduce our activities to public, press and invited press

_2015_10_25_bobo dioulasso-ouagadougou

stuck in a car? 7 hours of fruitful dialogue with professionals in the field of urbanisation and city development


UNLIMITEDjca is proud to assist to the 1st National Urban Forum in Burkina Faso, the resulat of one-year-long work of the Ministry of Housing in the program of PPUB initiated by Cities Alliance and UN Habitat. The organisers of the conference achieved to mobilise the head of the country, the president of the transition, Mr. Michel Kafando to adopt the event and to give the open speech assisted with Mr. René Bagoro, the ministre of Housing and City Development.

We were happy to assist in active way and bring our contribuition to dialogues with a couple of slides about climate changes – the pdf with our presentation is available here jcu_conference_ouaga


Numerous discussion panels were open to the participants from various fields and domains – governmental, acadameic, public fonction, population and active citizens. The inclussion was the key word of the entire event that was concluded with signing of the Chart of the Cooperation – all members accepted the engagement in the program objectives and ambitions.

It was mentioned many times – Burkina is the country of skillful craftsmen who do not miss the taste of beauty, charm and fashion. One of the examples in row – handbags made of used sleeping mats. Worth sending to the Czech republic as a Xmas gift


once in Ouagadougou, the tour of meetings in various ministries starts with a generous pineapple breakfast, followed with a material discovery of sharpened laterite bricks, visit of the Cartographic Institute (with a surprise of a new edition of maps of whole territory of the country in 1:200 000), a check of traditional vaults in the National Music Museum.

Final goal of the list of documents for the parcel of Bolo´Centre is achieved. Thanks to the director of Travaux Fonciers in MATD


There is one Czech saying: ” not only work flourishes the life” … having the chance to assist to the piece created by one French and one Burkinabe company – WAALDE and Sindi Slam – called Blue-s-cat introduced in CITO – Carrefour International du Theatre a Ouagadougou


_2015_10_30_ouagadougou-bobo dioulasso

on the way home (so called how it is possible to drive 360km in 11hours)

_2015_10_31_bobo dioulasso

rehearsal in the courtyard of Bolo´Arts


_2015_11_02_bobo dioulasso

National holiday – we should have a day off, but “the business does not wait”


_2015_11_03_bobo dioulasso

a marathon of paperworks starts with an adventure in “Service du Cadastre”, followed by an audience in Ministry of Culture.

_2015_11_05_bobo dioulasso

Bobo Dioulasso has a Cultural Palace. Since 2012. The Cultural Palace has its General Director. Since today. And we were honoured to assist his anauguration ceremony in active way – the Ensemble Artistique de Bolomakoté was performing at the event. We wish succesful mandat to Mr. Zongho


Commando trip to the capital where the dry season starts


the principal goal of the trip is completed. Now it is only a patience we have to arm ourselves with



found on the door of the ministerial cabinet director…



city centre


_2015_11_09_bobo dioulasso

Bolo´centre is still in “administration preparation mode”, but the Bolo´Arts info is progressing

_2015_11_10_bobo dioulasso

Another idea how to involve the cement packaging before the Bolo´Centre is ready…

_2015_11_11_bobo dioulasso

It is amazing how few people with an excellent idea are able to get dark slum areas vivid and joyful. Credits to association Siraba from Bobo Dioulasso and its project of theatre piece called Bobo, realised by Olivier Somé. The company will do a tour of the city, 18 shows in 3 weeks in underpriviliged parts of the city.

_2015_11_12_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… save your dates from 21st till 27th December!… and it is high time to think about the decoration of the public space. About permanent scenography and embellishment. The one that might be eco-sensitive and costs ZERO… well the idea is under the construction… overcuts from tailors´ workshops divided in stripes, tied together to create a ribbon 10km long that will be weaved as a roofing of the main gathering place – festival village… here comes the prototype installation and visualisations of Bolomakoté

_2015_11_13_bobo dioulasso

“is it hot down there in africa?”… a bright idea of swimming pool;)



_2015_11_16_bobo dioulasso

Bolo´Arts Info is progressing… protection coat by Abel


_2015_11_17_bobo dioulasso

new decoration technique… placing a fabric directly into a fresh thick coat of paint

_2015_11_18_bobo dioulasso

samples ready to go to Slovenia


_2015_11_20_bobo dioulasso

The transition of the country contributes to stronger national identity and consideration of local consumption. We are proud that the association Kafuli that we have accompanied during its growth could participated as a local supplier of the raw material for the Grand Prix de l´Art Vestimentaire that was organised for the fashion designers working with the local fabric called “danfani”. There was a defilé of top 20 models aspiring fro the Grand Prix.

Proud of Bolo´Arts musicians of Ensemble Artistique de Bolomakoté who were invited to perform in front of the eyes of present ministers (of the culture, of the economics and local developpement)…

_2015_11_21_bobo dioulasso

bobo pk10 – point kilometrique on the national road 08


_2015_11_23_bobo dioulasso

ready to go to ouaga, cementJCA samples for european design markets ready to go


come, weigh, declare, negotiate, pay, send, leave…


plaster troubles in music museum in ouaga…

_2015_11_26-29_bobo dioulasso

start of an excellent workshop with the company Carabosse  to introduce the fire installation to Bobo Dioulasso. The workshop is organised in cooperation with Ateliers Frappaz and their new initiative Centre de formation des métiers de l´art de la rue. UnlimitedJCA is invited to participate as an architect ans scenographer. The meeting room of unlimitedJCA is used for theoretical part of the workshop that is lead by Christophe and Patrice coming all the way from France to assist to the creation of the team that might be able to do something like this event in Rabat in future…

It is a very interesting idea, especially when we know that fireworks are rare in Africa because the explositon powder is hkept only by army and any civil cannot touch it legally. The fire installation in contrary is a way how to reach an extraordinary atmosphere calming the spectators at night. Staring into the flames is a soothing moment for a human being all over the world since ever…

The workshop takes four days, it comprises the experiments with combustibles and work on the timetable and first concepts of the public installation that will be inaugurated on 18th February at the occasion of ACMUR festival RendezVous chez Nous

_2015_11_29_bobo dioulasso

Bravo to all burkinabe people who could accomplish the transition phase of their country on the way to fully democratic country with free elections – come photo clichés by international photographers here 

_2015_11_30_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… save your dates from 21st till 27th December!… and it is high time to think about the decoration of the main stage. About another way how to use the cement bags… about the scenography. The one that might be eco-sensitive and costs ZERO…

_2015_12_01_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… and its Xmas market too, save your dates from 21st till 27th December!… the prototype of the market stall is being developped in computer. The requirement was to be wooden, resistant, comfortable, spacious, neutral and dismountable…

_2015_12_03_bobo dioulasso

bolo´arts were pleased by the visit of the representatives of the ministry of culture in the field… they came to ask what the challenges and needs of the association are. The meeting in a friendly mood took about two hours and ghelped to weave useful relations!


_2015_12_04_bobo dioulasso

cementJCA for the Bolo´Centre foundraising… new designs are coming!


_2015_12_05_bobo dioulasso

talking about the festival and its Xmas market? here the veryy first stall is being contructed

_2015_12_07_bobo dioulasso

festival, public space engagements, and … meetings, meetings, meetings


_2015_12_08_bobo dioulasso

cementJCA  doesnt make empty promises! new model, the prototype flies directly to moscow!

_2015_12_09_bobo dioulasso

ropes for makets stalls for the festival…


_2015_12_10_bobo dioulasso

UnlimitedJCA, Bolo´arts and Bolo´Centre at the TV show of RTB2!

_2015_12_11_bobo dioulasso

An ordinary day at tailors´ workshop


_2015_12_12_bobo dioulasso

fire experiments with different materials of the local provenience – cotton buds and shea butter are the best combination keeping the light the longest

_2015_12_13_bobo dioulasso

everybody knows that the cementJCA bags are made by Moussa, but there are some phases even before the tailor touches the creation

_2015_12_14_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… save your dates from 21st till 27th December!… the visual style created by unlimitedJCA…

_2015_12_15_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… the logistics, planning, researching…


_2015_12_16_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon… and Bolo´Arts artists work hard at the rehearsals

as well as craftmen for all the infrastructure needed

_2015_12_17_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon and the bolo´arts info point is getting ready… the exclusive selling point of the cementJCA

_2015_12_18_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon and we are becoming media star … 3rd invitation to the national TV in row. This time the emission called “Quoi de Neuf” – “What is new?”


_2015_12_19-20_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is coming soon, better to say it is just knocking on the door – last weekend before the opening ceremony… The exposition stands are getting ready, as well as the children decoration team who train spinning forces!

_2015_12_21_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! Opening ceremony and inauguration of the Bolo´Arts Info with the presence of the director of the Ministry of Culture for the region of the Hauts Bassins and the director of the French Institut, following with the acrobats performance

night shader´s installation adventure, so that international dance workshop may start

_2015_12_22_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! the Day 2 is dedicated to the traditional “dust dancing” – an occasion for professional exchange in between the dancers and musiciens

At night of the 22nd December, at the French Institute the burkinabe dancer and choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly and his ANKATA has organised first author solo choreography competition called SIMPLY THE BEST 2015. I cannot hide it from you. There was Ida Faho and her “Spirale”, Pascale Kaboré and his “Le Corps qui Pleure” and “Lego de l´Ego” de Souleymane Ladji Koné. Bravo to all finalistes of the first night of the competiton!

_2015_12_23_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! the Day 3 is dedicated to the Griots – Wikipedia says that the griots are historians, storytellers, praise singers, poets and/or musicians. The griot is a repository of oral tradition and is often seen as a societal leader due to his traditional position as an advisor to royal personages. There was a night dedicated only to their art so that the tradition is reinforced and supported for the next generations

At night of the 23nd December, at the French Institute the competition simply the best continued and  found its winner. The burkinabe dancer and choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly and his ANKATA are proud to announce that it was Issa Sanou with his “Baara” who got the first prize of the first author solo choreography competition called SIMPLY THE BEST 2015. I cannot hide it from you. There was also Romual Kaboré with his “Ramual, sans D” on the programme of the second night. Bravo to all finalistes of the first edition of the competiton!

_2015_12_24_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! the Day 4 is dedicated to the musical comedy called Bobo – the theatre piece with 35 comedians, dancers, musicians and storytellers on the stage – the piece for all generations – the piece that brings the joy, laugh and message at the same 90minutes. The author is Olivier SOmé and artistic group comes from the association Siraba

_2015_12_25_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! the Day 5 and the new talents stage! The market stands found another use, they became the backgound of the stage after revealing that the background columns are lost. The variability is the key for scenography succes

_2015_12_26_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is here! the Day 6 and long time awaited night called NUIT BOLO´ARTS came. Three concerts on the reputated stage of the French Institute with artistes from Bolomakoté – Ensemble Artistique de Bolomakoté accompanied by Adama Dramé and the famous group Lanaya. The hall was full!

_2015_12_27_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts is at his end! the Day 7. the last day, Sunday with the programme of whole day – blood giving, Bissa kermesse, party and the GRANDE SCENE of BOLOMAKOTE where all the artists from NUIT BOLO´ARTS reperform for free for the population of the district. Of course accompanied by much more musical and dance bodies. Ten creations on the stage during one single night!

Again, the variability of the expo stands saved the situation – the backstage lodges created by cement bags!


_2015_12_28_bobo dioulasso

festival bolo´arts 2015 is over, but save your dates for the 2016 edition! I am very proud that the majority of the budget was covered by burkinabes ressources! We would like to thank to all the partners who accompanied the event!

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